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My spine

A life of obscurity is not an option.
– Me

When you’re a kid, you have many dreams. You dream of being a ballerina and an astronaut and a super hero and, maybe, a cat. You and your friends run around the backyard pretending to fighting evil aliens. A box is not just a box — it is really a pirate ship that you sail around the world in. You dream of being the damsel in distress or the knight in shining armor.

Alas, it is all just fantasy. Just the amazing imagination of your 4-year-old self. It isn’t real. We cannot time travel. Superheros do not exist. There are no such thing as wizards or vampires. The average girl cannot become a princess.

If you are like me and you refuse to give up your childhood fantasies, life can be unbearable. Especially at 25, when you still have dreams about being a super hero.

Natalie Portman is a ballerina.
Anna Paquin is a super hero.
Sigorney Weaver fights aliens.
Emma Watson is a wizard.
Anne Hathaway became a princess overnight.
Ashley Greene can live forever.

I do not have to give up on the ideas of my 4-year-old self.

I can do all of things things I wanted to do and be all of the people I wanted to be. I can do all of those things people told me were impossible.

I can be an actor and live as many lives as possible.


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