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i just found a journal i made in 2002.

i made a list of 131 things i wanted to do before i died.

i have knocked off several, but have since had to remove some. for instance, walk on the field at yankee stadium.

here’s what is left, in no particular order:

* visit one of the 7 wonders
* see the aurora borealis
* take a mud bath
* smoke a cigar
* camp in Yellowstone
* ski the Rockies, Alps and in Aspen (all separate tasks)
* hike entire Appalachian Trail
* free a wild animal
* watch an execution (not sure I want to do that anymore)
* mark in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
* sew a quilt
* drive a boat
* climb a volcano
* visit Niagara Falls
* live in Europe
* interview a celebrity
* work for a magazine
* date a doctor
* date a celebrity
* bow before an emperor
* write a novel
* read War and Peace
* ride on a fire truck
* pull a fire alarm
* meet a world leader
* drive on the Autobaun
* swim in Lake Victoria (I don’t even know if you can do that??)
* achieve a 4.0 GPA (not sure that will ever happen)
* be in a music video
* meet Will Smith(not sure why this was so important at the time)
* make snow angels in Alaska
* visit Anne Frank’s grave
* climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty (how have I not done this already???)
* post-graduate degree
* squish grapes with my feet
* run with the bulls in Spain
* celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
* celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Mexico
* celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans
* photograph a Great White (seriously reconsidering this one!!)
* eat snow/ice from the North Pole
* work at a zoo
* coach
* teach
* fly a plane
* ice skate at Rockafellar
* see an opera
* meet a Prince hahahahaha
* play ice hockey
* cliff dive
* bungee jump
* be in a movie
* visit Italy
* streak
* graffiti a building
* build a house
* bash a window
* build a car
* race a car
* get into a fist fight (i must have been angry while writing some of these!)
* own a restaurant
* visit base camp at Everest
* visit the Nile River
* swim the English Channel
* pet a wild anaconda
* visit the Amazon
* pet a wild kangaroo
* dive the Great Barrier Reef
* swim with dolphins
* get married
* learn a foreign language
* drink vodka in Russia
* go back to the UK
* see the sunrise in Japan
* visit Mexico
* visit every state
* learn to snowboard


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Holy cow!  The best thing just happened!!! 

I had just got home from work and there was a knock at the door. I look through the peep hole and there is a young man in a suit. I cautiously open the door and ask what he wants (nicely, of course!) 

Much to my surprise, he is a salesman.  And not just any salesman, a vacuum cleaner salesman!

I am so excited… so I let him in so he can give me his pitch.

Of course I have no intention of buying one, but I am so fascinated by his profession — something I thought had died YEARS ago.

My heart is a flutter!

What a great way to end the work week!

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